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New and Experimental Music,
Art & Technolgy

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About Soundologia

Soundologia is a project with a mission to promote experimental music to wider audiences.

Our content empowers, promotes, and inspires those artists immersed in emerging technologies. We take our listeners and guests on a journey of unexpected and versatile sounds and musicological insights into this world of art.

Main project objectives include:

  • Educating our audience about experimental music, arts, new media, and technology
  • Promoting musicians and artists who create experimental music and bring new works to light.

Additionally, the platform produces videos, presentations, and multimedia documentaries about musicians. We also curate upcoming events on music and sound arts.

In the 2021-22 season, Soundologia will be hosting Miami-based artists and those connected with the Miami music scene. It will help the local experimental music community to become more visible. The platform will also organize live virtual performances where experimental sound artists bring their works to the world.

The Soundologia project is founded by a musicologist, concert producer, and music producer, Pedja Kovačević. It is supported by a music writer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, and music-art curator, Nevena Stanić Kovačević.