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Episode 10: Erasing the Past with Music: A Conversation with Composer Dorothy Hindman

In this episode, Dorothy Hindman, a composer and educator, shares her professional and life journey. Hindman talks about growing up in Miami and how the music scene has evolved. She also addresses the challenges that female composers of contemporary music face today and provides insights into the Department of Composition at UM in terms of gender equality. She introduces us to spectral music and the various compositional techniques she uses to achieve different results, such as combining different frequencies and timbres. We also discuss her works, particularly those belonging to the Untitled series, and how she experiments with different instruments and timbres to create unique sounds.

About Dorothy Hindman

Dorothy Hindman is a key figure in Miami’s diverse contemporary music scene. Her compositions draw from a wide range of influences, including Zeppelin, punk, spectralism, and Stravinsky, all built upon a strong classical foundation.

Hindman’s music is performed by the world’s top new music performers including renowned musicians such as CAMP, Ex-Sentia, Bent Frequency, Empire City Men’s Chorus, Fresh Squeezed Opera, Quince, Splinter Reeds, the [Switch~ Ensemble], Gregg Smith Singers, Caravel String Quartet, New York Saxophone Quartet, Corona Guitar Kvartet, Duo 46, bassist Robert Black, cellist Craig Hultgren, percussionists Stuart Gerber and David Moliner, and more.

Hindman has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the 2023 “Città di Udine” International Composition, 14th Edition, NODUS 2022 Fundacio Caixa Castello, a 2019 Mellon Foundation CREATE grant, Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Artist Access Grants, ISCM/New Music Miami, Iron Composer, the American Prize, the Global Music Awards, NACUSA, and more. Her recordings are featured on innova, Albany, Capstone, and Living Artist, and her scores can be found at Universal Edition, Subito, NoteNova, and dorn/Needham.

Hindman teaches composition at the University of Miami. She used to host the Po Mo Radio show on WVUM, 90.5 FM Coral Gables, featuring new music since 1980. She also reviewed new music concerts for South Florida Classical Review and the Miami Herald.

Music Articles Recommended by Hindman for Our Listeners

Improvised Music after 1950: Afrological and Eurological Perspectives by George E. Lewis

The Revolution of Complex Sounds by Tristan MurailTempus ex Machina: A composer’s reflections on musical time by Gérard Grisey (1987)

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