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Episode 08: Nurturing Orchids and Preserving Slovak Identity through Music & Love with Juraj Kojš

In this episode, composer, performer, and sound artist Juraj Kojš discusses his heritage and how he combines plants, orchids, and technologies to make multimedia events and sound installations. As someone tied to his Slovakian origin, Juraj creates multiple works to explore topics related to his origin and immigration in general.

About Juraj Kojs

Juraj Kojš (Slovakia/USA) is a composer, performer, and sound designer. Juraj has been exploring music, sound art, theater, poetry, dance, mixed media, multimedia, bioacoustics, and technologies as a creator and performer. He called himself an artphibian, the artist whose practice resides on the border between different artistic disciplines. Kojš’s commissions include The Knight Foundation, Meet the Composer, Harvestworks, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami Theater Center, and Live Arts Miami. Juraj received awards in Europe – A Sound Panorama, Eastman Electroacoustic Composition, Performance Competition, and the Digital Art Award. His research can be read in Organized Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, and Computer Music Journal. Kojš directs FETA Foundation and is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

Juraj’s book recommendation to our listeners

In Search of a Concrete Music by Pierre Schaeffer, translated by Ch. North and J. Dack, University of California Press, 2012.

To contact Juraj Kojš, send an email to:

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